Users get great content, you earn a commission for video views or downloads of your premium videos, it’s a win-win situation. We value your contributions and want to make sure that we’re providing you all of the benefits that we can. That’s why we let you choose how you’d like to offer your video contributions, and provide you the ability to list promotional or contact information within easy access to your adoring viewers. Video Licensing is also up to you.

How does it work?

We are a relatively new service and our aim is to grow mostly organically.. how do we intend do that? By offering viewers a great service that will keep them and their friends coming back for more and more. In order to grow our service organically, we offer an ever-growing selection of free video content. Free content provides our users a zero commitment way to enjoy great video content. Premium content is a way us to offer even better content and for our contributors to earn money from their outstanding videography.

Since we rely on free content for our organic growth, we rely on our contributors to offer great videos for our library of free video content. Free videos allow our contributors to get noticed by our viewers and provides incentive to check-out our contributor’s premium content or even just their professional contact information. For this reason we require an offering of free video content in ratio to premium content offerings. The greater the selection of free video content offered by our contributors, the greater the recognition and number of premium video views they’ll gain!

Tell Me More

How much can I earn from my premium content? Well unlike YouTube we don’t pay according to ad views, all video views count toward the total amount of revenue you that can earn. The amount that our contributors earn from each video is calculated based on the total number of premium subscribers and the percentage that a contributor’s videos are viewed as compared to other videos. The calculation also takes our current growth stage into account. This basically means that the higher the quality and quantity of premium videos offered by a contributor, the higher the video revenue earned by that contributor. This also means that the sooner that your videos are contributed, the higher the rate you’ll earn from your videos.

I Think I’m interested..

Great! Tell us a bit about yourself and the videos that you can contribute. We’ll be in touch!